Terms & Conditions

  • All our clients who has a contract with us has the right of unlimited emergency calls excluding spare parts & optics required during office hours (Sunday – Thursday 09:00 A.M. until 06:00 P.M. excluding Fridays, Saturday and public holidays.
    “ In emergency cases Infinity will make its best to cover the end user request during Friday, Saturday and holidays as soon as they will receive the request call or written request”.
  • When requested we shall undertake all preventive, remedial maintenance and calibration for equipment listed in the contract in accordance with manufacture’s recommendations using qualified engineers of the best quality and experience.
  • Number of Preventive Maintenance Visits shall vary from 2 to 4 Visits / Year according to the contract:
    • The service engineer will do PPM as recommended by the manufacture as per PPM checklist, which will be submitted to you at the time of PPM.
      Electrical safety test will be done for all the equipment according to the manufacture requirements once a year.
    • Equipment calibration will be done for the equipment requiring that according to the manufacturer instructions.
    • The Client will be required to submit a “ Calibration Certificate” for the audit tools to us once a year to ensure the quality of the preventive and calibration plan.

We shall guarantee level of rendered maintenance as follows:

  • Company engineer to respond to maintenance request within 48 hours, latest effective receipt of request by Fax or e-mail from the customer’s authorized officer
  • Maintenance that does not require spare parts or spare parts available within
    U.A.E. Company shall guarantee completion of the required repair within 96 hours or less from receipt of spare parts purchase order from the authorized officer of the customer.
  • For repairs that require spare parts, not available in U.A.E., the company guarantees completion of repair within 4 work weeks from receipt of maintenance purchase order by Fax or e-mail from the authorized officer of the customer.
  • We undertake to provide highly qualified trained engineers for equipment sold within U.A.E.

Fault Reporting System

  • In case of agreement existence, the client shall notify the faults us by Email or on phone, to the maintenance department, Reports shall indicate the type and date of fault. Faults shall be reported during company working hours from Sun – Thursday 09:00 a.m. until 18:00
    P.M. excluding Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays.

Spare Parts

  • In case of contract existence, we shall supply the spare parts with separate charges to maintain the equipment under service contract upon receipt of order or upon approval of the quotation from the first party, based on the report from trained service personnel or the manufacturer’s representative, Original spare parts to be ordered from the manufacturer.
    Spare parts not included in this contract. Separate quotation will be sent as and when required will be discounted.

Maintenance Service

  • We shall provide the maintenance services. Such services shall be provided during regular work hours during weekdays from Sunday – Thursday 09:00 A.M. until 18:00 P.M. excluding Fridays, Saturdays and public holidays.
  • Maintenance services provided by the company shall cover the following:
    • Undertaking scheduled service inspections and calibration as specified by the manufacturer of equipment.
    • Inspection timing shall be agreed in advance in such a way as to provide company technicians’ full access to the equipment listed in contract to undertake such inspections. In case company officials are denied such access to equipment, inspection work shall be suspended.


  • In case of a contract existence, our terms & conditions shall not cover maintenance and repair services resulting from causes beyond the control of the company, such as acts of civil and military authorities, fires, civil commotion, floods, epidemics, health and quarantine restrictions, wars, rebellion, transport problems, power supply faults, air condition faults as well as reasons beyond the control of the company related to supply for manpower, supply of material, manufacturing facilities. In case repairs, setting works, spare parts or maintenance works are required due to the forgoing reasons or due to acts of negligence, default or mistake by customer or agents thereof

Variations in Costs:

  • Company is entitled to change costs of maintenance works included in the agreement or contract upon completion of contract terms or for any following year, Such change shall be notified to customer within (30) days of occurrence thereof. Upon receipt of such notice the customer may terminate the services of the company through a notice to that effect before the effective date of such change. However, in the event the customer fails to terminate the service of the company, the new costs shall be valid effective the date specified by the company on the notice to the customer.
  • In the event the customer makes any adjustments, changes or additions in equipment included in this agreement, which changes the company deems either to make changes in services rendered by the company under this agreement, or affect the performance of the equipment, and then company shall be entitled to terminate this agreement or increase the costs/rates included hereunder.
  • Any other conditions of this agreement, including the term thereof, which may be affected by such changes, shall be appropriately amended within any law, jurisdiction or otherwise.
  • In case a petition is submitted to a receiver, bankruptcy or violation to any of the terms of the agreement by the customer, which violation is not duly remedied, then the company is entitled, on own discretion, to declare the customer in default, and accordingly take the following measures:
    • To declare that all amounts are due and payable under the agreement.
    • File claim for application of agreement terms or recover damage due to violation of agreement.

Limits of Liability and Obligations

  • In case of a contract existence, the company shall in no way be liable for any damage, whether special, contingent or partial, due to violation of contract, security or tort (including default, debts and obligations), including the following without limitation: loss of equipment use or any other related equipment, damage of equipment related to basic equipment, loss of capital costs, value of alternative products, facilities, services, power as well as costs of temporary, stoppage of equipment and any claims by the customer for such damage. In the event company provides any consultation or assistance to customer in relation to any equipment covered by the agreement, while such consultation and assistance is not included in agreement, or in case such consultation. Assistance is related to equipment not referred to in this agreement, then this consultation or assistance shall not involve the company in any responsibility whether in contract, security or in cause of damage of injury (including negligence, debts and obligations). The company will be responsible about any damages or financial loss caused due to the poor performance by their manpower or caused as a result or their misbehavior during their visits.

Covering of Information:

  • The information, proposals and ideas conveyed from customer to company in relation to performance of services under this contract shall not be considered as secrets or confidential unless expressly proved in writing upon approval of the official representative of the company.


  • Since the company engineers and technician will be exposed for some restricted areas in the customer facilities either in the clinic or the operation theatre and will be also exposed to some patient’s information, they are committed to keep and treat all this information in a confidential manner, any violation of that will be met with restricted and legal action.

General Note:

  • These terms are the complete and exclusive statement between the parties and therefore supersedes all prior or concurrent proposals or communications regarding the agreement or any other business not included hereunder shall not be binding on parties.
  • Any assignment changes or amendment in conditions contained herein shall not be binding on company unless rendered in writing and signed by the duly authorized representative of the parties.
  • The validity of these terms, its implementation as well as all other matters related thereto, including amendment thereon, shall all be subject to the laws of the United Arab of Emirates.
  • The demands of service or any part thereof in these terms, which are in satisfaction and performance and not as a further security or obligation of the company, its affiliates, the manufacturer of the complete equipment or any part thereof, shall be in writing before or at the time or providing the service.
  • Failure to notify the company to that effect shall be deemed as a waiver for any similar demands.
  • The total or partial non-validity of an article or a paragraph of this agreement shall not affect the validity or correctness of the remaining articles or paragraphs of the agreement. Any deletion, addition or change in this agreement or any supplement thereof shall promptly render the same as null and void.

These terms are subject to all related laws and regulations prevailing in the United Arab of Emirates.