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MAcURAY Combine with Laser/IPL System
Minimized Edema, Redness, Themal lnjry
Reduce the pain, Rapidly Recovers a wound part
(By Air Cooling and Contact Probe)

MAcURAY Various Application
Applicable to any part of operation
Relief the Pain, Reduce a Skin Stimulation & Edema
Local Anesthesia / Botox / Peeling / Hair & Moles Remocal etc.

Cooling by TEC Module, Envirnmentally Friendly & Very Sage
Simple & free angle adjustment of the cool air outlet
Various air injection modules
Air cooling & contact type probe can be use simultaneously
Always supply clean air by adopting a filter to the air intake park
Keeps cleanses of the cooling part by adopting a function to dry
Providing a thawing function when the cooling park is iced
Convenient monitoring an LCD display
Quick cooling function
Strong smoke evacuator by adopting a high performance filter